In the office of Niccolò Antinori, the esteemed patriarch born in 1898, a true champion of Tuscan wine on the global stage, one can sense the legacy that he built. Throughout the challenges faced before, during, and after the wars, he steered the family business towards remarkable growth and brought it to the forefront of the international wine scene. His unwavering dedication propelled the Antinori name to new heights.



Photo by Slim Aaron

Niccolò Antinori
Looking into the future with his two sons
Lodovico and Piero Antinori

Niccolò Antinori
(Lodovico's father)
Andrei Tchelitcheff
Carlotta Della Gherardesca
(Lodovico's mother, born in 1903)

In the realm of extraordinary individuals, we encounter Andrei Tchelitcheff, a Moscow-born luminary born in 1903. After pursuing studies in biology at the esteemed Pasteur Institute in Paris, he was summoned to America by Countess De Latour to assume leadership at the renowned Beaulieu Vineyard. Tchelitcheff's profound impact on Napa Valley's winemaking practices reverberates to this very day, etching his indelible signature upon the oenological landscape. On the right, we find Carlotta Della Gherardesca Antinori, a remarkable woman with unparalleled interpersonal and intellectual prowess. Among her notable achievements, she holds ownership of the splendid estate known as Tenuta Belvedere di Bolgheri, an enchanting expanse stretching from the sea to the mountains. 


Lodovico Antinori had the fortunate opportunity to cross paths with Andrei Tchelitcheff, an encounter that would shape his future endeavors. Tchelitcheff, who had never before set foot in Italy, was invited by Lodovico to provide guidance on a new undertaking, whether it be in Paso Robles, California, or in the captivating Bolgheri region. After spending a month immersing himself in the area, Tchelitcheff developed a deep friendship with Mario Incisa, the esteemed founder of Sassicaia. It was during this time that Tchelitcheff imparted invaluable advice to Lodovico, urging him to remain in Bolgheri, as he believed it held great promise, stating, "Stay here, young man, you have the Eldorado here." This pivotal counsel steered Lodovico away from embarking on a project in the United States. Tchelitcheff became a fundamental figure in Lodovico's life, providing him with invaluable knowledge and nurturing his passion for the world of wine. Their collaboration spanned four years and laid the foundation for Lodovico's illustrious career as a winemaker: like Masseto and Ornellaia.


Michel Rolland, a Bordeaux oenologist, very attached to his land of Pomerol, was called upon by Lodovico to develop the Masseto project, which is, like Pomerol, a pure Merlot. At first, he came only to do the Masseto project. Then a friendship developed between the two and after that Michel Rolland took charge of the consultancy of Ornellaia. He took his know-how to many places in the world. The relationship with Lodovico began a long time ago, they met in Bordeaux in 1990. Together they created three extraordinary oenological projects*, for challenges, for unexpected successes and for hopes. A collaboration that really worked. *The three projects: Ornellaia, Tenuta di Biserno and the latest Tenuta del Nicchio.

Michel Rolland
Lodovico Antinori
Tibor Gal
Early 1990s

Tibor, renowned for his mastery in crafting exceptional white wines, achieved an extraordinary performance by creating the unforgettable Poggio Alle Gaze. This distinctive Sauvignon Blanc stands as a testament to his unrivaled skill and artistry, showcasing a level of excellence that is unparalleled in the region of Tuscany.

M.L.A. and Helena Lindberg - 2021

Helena Lindberg, born in Sweden, has a truly remarkable character. With her extensive experience gained from working in New Zealand and Australia, she brings together an extraordinary blend of incredible sensitivity and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. These exceptional qualities have garnered her immense admiration from Lodovico Antinori and his team, who deeply appreciate her remarkable talents. Helena, Ranieri*, Lodovico, and Michel Rolland make an absolutely fantastic team, working together in perfect harmony. Their combined expertise and seamless collaboration create an extraordinary synergy.

*Ranieri: head of viticulture

Lodovico Antinori and his daughter Sophia - 2022

In this narrative of wine ventures, a father and daughter, Lodovico and Sophia, laid the groundwork for their latest projects: Lodovico and Sof. Sophia's innate creativity, paired with her father's vast experience, proved to be instrumental in embarking on the new chapter known as Tenuta del Nicchio.