Lodovico is a surprising blend from the Vineyard named after Lodovico, which, thanks to the harmony between microclimate and unique Bellaria terroir, produces a superior quality. The exposition of the vineyard profit from the cooling night winds which allow a perfectly balanced phenolic maturation as well as acidity which give the wine great structure. Lodovico is only available in extremely limited quantities through exclusive and selected wine merchants. The yearly production is +/- 10.000 bottles. When the vineyards were young, not every vintage had the capacity to express its full potential, so some vintages of Lodovico were not produced. Only as the vineyard grew older, we find a continuous equilibrium. Part of the well known character of Cabernet Franc is that it shows its full potential within a few years of ageing. 

Classification: Tuscan IGT

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Lodovico Antinori